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Trusted by teachers in over 9,000 districts nationwide.  

Whatever you teach, we’ve got you covered. 

Higher Ed Learning Solutions

95,000+ video and micro-lessons to help you in any subject

Support your students and deliver their best outcomes with proven and innovative learning strategies 

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360 Learning Solution

 Trusted by teachers in over 9,000 districts, we deploy proven and innovative learning strategies that deliver the best outcomes for students  

+ Test Prep for Teacher & Nursing Certification Exams

Higher Ed Curriculum

Retention + Remediation

Boost retention and remediation! Use our library of over 95,000+ learning resources to allow your students to learn and master concepts across all areas of study.

Test Prep

Teacher & Nursing Certification Exams

Help your students join the 92% of people who pass their test using test prep content. Our best-in-class content closes teacher and nursing shortages.

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 Teacher Test Prep 

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